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Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove Goes 3D


At last year's E3, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a title at Natsume's booth called Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove. It's a rhythm game where you have to help Gabrielle retrieve the soul she sneezed out by traveling to Monster Town and boogying with everyone you see in order to get your soul back in your body. Unfortunately, while all the other games I saw at their booth were released, Gabrielle remained conspicuously absent (at least to me!). When I checked in with Natsume, I was assured that the game was still in development, but wasn't ready yet. And now I know why, because they've decided to put it on the 3DS instead!

"As soon as we saw what the 3DS could do, we knew it was the best platform for this game," said Hrio Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. "The way the dancers and effects pop right off the screen is simply amazing. You have to see it to believe it!"

Well, I'm sure that's true, and judging from the screenshots, the graphics look much better than in the regular DS version I saw. And since Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D is scheduled for a summer 2011 release, maybe I'll get to play it at their booth this year, too!

There's also a WiiWare version called Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster MIx that's due out in May with customizable characters with unlockable outfits and items and up to four-player multiplayer. Of course, being a Wii game, you'll dance by swinging the Wiimote around instead of tapping in time with the tunes like on the 3DS. Now I'm torn! I'll probably get both, though — Monster Mix will whet my appetite for GGG3D's release this summer!

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