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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 4/12/2011


  • In reviews this week, NaviFairy reviewed Rayman 3D, GoGoEdward tackled Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars, and Wootini played around with Nintendogs + Cats.

  • Wootini had some things to say about Sony in this week's Video Podcast.

  • After an earthquake related delay, Nintendo finally opened up the Pokemon Global Link for gamers outside Japan this week.

  • Nintendo also revealed their release date information for the next few months.

  • The latest Humble Indie Bundle featured games from developer Frozenbyte.

  • Rumors started buzzing about a new Nintendo console to be revealed at or around this years E3.

  • Henshin A Go Joe talked about why he's not selling The Saboteur.

  • A longtime resident of Narnia threatened to leave and Wootini received some special guests in this week's Animal Crossing Diary.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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