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Get $10 Off Pokemon Black/White With Amazon's Deal Of The Day


For their Goldbox deal of the day, Amazon's knocking $10 off the price of the most recent Pokemon games, Black and White. That's not a bad deal for games that don't tend to drop in price too often, and for ones that just game out a few weeks ago. In fact, as long as the shipping is faster than a donkey hoofing it to your house, you should still get it in time to catch Victini.

I know more than a couple people who tried out Pokemon for the first time with Black and White, so perhaps you're looking to join in. Or maybe you already picked up one and are looking to grab the exclusive legendaries from the other. I'm in no position to judge your poke-motivations. You've only got today to decide, but you may want to grab it soon if you're interested, as Deals of the Day can sell out early.

Deal of the day: Pokemon Black and White [Amazon]

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