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Human Head's Chris Rhinehart Talks Prey 2 With Gametrailers (video)

Prey: A game known for its portals, creative use of gravity, and depictions of Native Americans living after the 19th century. With Prey 2 coming sometime in 2012, we're not entirely sure what to expect, but a bit of light has been cast on the game in an interview with Gametrailers. Chris Rhinehart, the game's Project Lead, divulged in the interview that Prey 2 will be an open world game, breaking with the standard-fare, linear FPS gameplay. The latest unfortunate abductee is Killian Samuels who, according to VG247, is "a sheriff and prison guard who is able to perform Parkour-inspired moves like those seen in Mirror's Edge." Using his skills, he finds work as a bounty hunter on an alien planet, bringing with it the promise of quests, side quests and, in the words of Mr. Rhinehart, "a lot of cool weapons and a lot of cool gadgets." Tommy, the protagonist from the original Prey, will serve some role in the game -- the story takes place during the same abduction event of the previous game -- though the extent of his involvement in the story is not yet entirely clear.

Dawdle previously wrote an article noting that Prey 2 would be heavily influenced by Mass Effect, and this most certainly seems to be the case. There will be a number of alien races, and overall Prey 2 seems to be a very story-driven, more FPS/RPG-inspired game than its predecessor, including a reputation system, vendors, and a Deus Ex-like variety of ways to approach a give situation (stealth, action, tactics, etc.), aided by a cover system that is fast becoming the standard for shooters, all while reaching into the thick fog of Killian Samuels's memory to discover his place in the larger story.

Personally, I welcome the omission of portals -- given that such things are now associated with the wildly successful (and aptly named) Portal, those who didn't play the original Prey will no doubt cry "rip off" -- though I do feel a slight tinge of disappointment that the gravity mechanic, as I found it to be by far the most interesting aspect of Prey's gameplay. Still, as complacency is the bane of creativity, one might applaud the team at Human Head studios for casting aside their past successes in search of greener pastures -- and as Human Head Studios puts it, "Portals and gravity were the functions of The Sphere. And The Sphere's gone." Alas, gravity puzzles, we barely knew ye. I hum a silent Requiem in remembrance of all that you were.

For the full interview, check the video at the top of the article!

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