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Humble Indie Bundle: Frozenbyte Edition

The games and causes!

To say I've been a fan of the Humble Indie Bundle would likely be an understatement, as I've gladly talked them up and purchased them thus far. So, here's there newest edition, which features games three games from Frozenbyte upfront, one as a preorder bonus, and one prototype they abandoned.

As usual, there is no DRM, it supports multiple operating systems, and, per the latest batch, you can also be sent a code to redeem the games on Steam and Desura, and one for OnLive. The games this time?

The three that are available right away? Trine (the OnLive available game), Shadowgrounds, and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. I can only speak to the first one, which was both visually stunning, and enjoyable enough for a mish-mash of puzzle, action, and platform gaming. The sequel is also looking impressive.

The other two? Splot is the pre-order bonus, featuring a puzzle-platforming game about faeries, stars, and a creature named Splot.

Then there's Jack Claw, which will only be available for Windows and with an X-box controller (I'm not sure of the install base on that setup). Included with the prototype will be the source code, for those interested in tinkering.

As always, you do have the option of choosing the amount of your donation, along with how to split it among Frozenbyte, EFF, Child's Play, and leaving a tip for the people hosting these Humble Indie Bundles.

So, if you'd like another handful of games to give a try, check out the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. There's also this video they compiled for the package.


Rosa said:

I love Trine. It's amazing. Completely worth the purchase.

Pauwow said:

Great promotion but the voice in this trailer is soooo annoying!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Pauwow on Humble Indie Bundle: Frozenbyte Edition: Great promotion but the voice in this trailer is soooo annoying!...

Rosa on Humble Indie Bundle: Frozenbyte Edition: I love Trine. It's amazing. Completely worth the purchase....

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