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Minecraft Going Final(ish) This Year


There's been a lot of Minecraft news lately, and yesterday yet another announcement came from the game's founder Markus Persson, aka Notch, aka the guy who (like the rest of us) said "You know what would make a cool game?" but (unlike the rest of us) actually did it and made a bajillion dollars in the process.

Minecraft will officially be "released" on November 11 of this year - 11/11/11. In his post about the decision, Persson made clear that there will be no titanic changes to the game before or on that date, but rather:

...the version we deem as the "full version" won't be very different at all from what the game was like a week ago, and we'll keep adding features after the release as well, so it's really more of a milestone when we finally get rid of the Beta label, and some kind of goal for us to work towards

So it sounds as though Minecraft will not suddenly look like a "next-gen" game, will not stop releasing updates, and will generally not sell-out on or about it's official release. Instead, it will be the impetus for Mojang to get all its Minecraft ducks in a row. Sounds like great news to me.

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