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Monkey Island 5: Escape From ASCII Island

Look at those amaaaaaaayzing graphics.

Originally only available in German (way back in 2009, before Telltale released its own version), Stephan Günther recently emailed me to let me know that he had translated his work on an ASCII homage/sequel to Monkey Island, titled Monkey Island 5: Escape from ASCII Island. The story behind it is one many fans will appreciate, I'm sure. Via Twitter, Günther contacted Boris Schneider-Johne to see if he might be able to translate the game for him. Schneider-Johne had previously worked on previous localizations for LucasArts, including Monkey Islands 1 & 2, which amuses me when I think that my binational family played both the English and German versions.

Much to Günther's delight, Schneider-Johne responded almost immediately, and what you can now enjoy is this amusing little distraction in Guybrush Threepwood's attempt to escape from ASCII Island. Considering humor can be among the harder thing to localize (especially if you rely on puns), I am quite sure this was not the easiest of feats. Love for the series will prevail, however!

Whether you have fond memories of the parser system, or never tried and feel compelled to try within a browser, you can do so right here in English, and right here in German. Or, perhaps you're just a fan of all things Monkey Island and want to see all the little in-jokes placed throughout the experience.

The music may also sound somewhat familiar!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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