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Namco Bandai, The Stoner's Game Developer?

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I'm sure by now you've realized what day it is. Well once you're done celebrating you're going to need something to play. Today I bring you a list of games that are sure to fulfill one's hypothetical post-puff gaming-munchies.

Now, as I began compiling the list I realized something: all of the titles were developed by the same developer: Namco Bandai. Are the offices of Namco Bandai really just a giant hotbox? Yes Probably not. But one thing is for certain, they're dedicated to making fun games that happen to be stoner favorites.

And here they are:


Katamari Damacy

It almost goes without saying that the Namco classic would be on this list. From the psychadelic visuals to the epic soundtrack to the King of the Cosmos' oddly profound ramblings this is a game built from the ground up for stoners. Incredibly simple controls with a good-sized learning curve means you won't just roll through things too quickly. Both the original and the sequel, We Love Katamari, are reason enough to pull out your PS2 for a good long session. The PSP and 360 versions lack their cousin's charm but provide plenty of rolling fun nonetheless. Even the iPhone release is surprisingly enjoyable now that it's been patched a hundred times, just be careful not to drop your phone.

Game designer Keita Takahashi also created the equally stoner friendly, though exponentially more abstract, Noby Noby Boy. And was also clearly high when creating both.


Muscle March

If you like your post-recreation gaming even more fabulous than the King you might be intrigued by Muscle March, available on the Wii through the WiiWare service. It's covered in rainbows, bright colors, and scantily clad muscle men (plus one lady and a polar bear) for your enjoyment. The game requires a bit of physicality, using the Wiimote and nunchuk to form various poses as its primary gameplay mechanic, so you'll probably want to play this one early in your session. You know, before you're too lazy to move.



When not bogged down in its own melodrama, the likes of which puts the entire Final Fantasy franchise to shame, this trilogy finds itself right up the alley of the more intellectual stoners out there. If you're the type to get lost in philosophical musings whilst celebrating the day, and don't mind them wrapped in an anime-aesthetic, then this is the game for you. From the series' German subtitles to the themes it explores you'll have plenty to contemplate during the hour-long cutscenes you'll be enjoying.


One Piece

After Namco and Bandai merged to form Namco Bandai, Bandai brought along its many property licenses, one of which being the rights to Eiichiro Oda's monster manga franchise One Piece. The series itself is packed with bizarre characters, absurd storylines, and artwork more at home on the Yellow Submarine than your typical anime. From the Grand Battle series to the Unlimited Adventure series, Namco's One Piece games are sure to deliver for both fans of the franchise, stoner or not, and stoners, fan or not.

donkey konga.jpg

Donkey Konga

The only good thing about the infamous Donkey Konga franchise is the fact that bongos are really fun to play when you're high and this game happens to require a bongo drum peripheral. So if you bought one of these bad boys way back when and for some reason have yet to get rid of it, today's the only day I won't judge you for bringing it out.


Taiko Drum Master

Only a toker could process Taiko Drum Master without questioning its bizarre world, wherein tiny anthropomorphic drums desire physical beatings in order to produce J-Pop and Gaming anthems and little spermy things. Also as we established with Donkey Konga, drum peripherals are fun when you're high. Again, it's the fun controls, bright friendly visuals, and great use of music that make this game one of the most stoner friendly out there.



The cult hit Klonoa: Door to Phantomile was ported to the Wii two years ago to much fan-rejoice. The remake, the PS1 original, and its PS2 sequel Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, are some of *the* most fun you could have with any platformer this side of Nintendo. The story of the games follows the rabbit/cat-like Klonoa, his unexplained ring spirit best friend, and a cast of equally bizarre characters as they explore worlds that exist entirely in their collective dreams. Puff on that.



PacMan isn't known for its story, but its themes can be appreciated by anyone who's ever taken a hit. I'd go so far as to say that it's the ultimate stoner title. Do I even need to explain why? I eat.

And keep on eating.

And you never stop eating.

PacMan must be the highest dude on the planet the way he eats.


Garrick said:

Don't forget they made Super Robot Wars. Anything with that many brightly-coloured robots and insane teens wearing headbands fighting each other is bound to involve drugs at some point.

Gabe said:

I love playing games stoned, never played Xenosaga like that though... Will try ;)

potat0man said:

What? No geometry wars? It's far out.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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potat0man on Namco Bandai, The Stoner's Game Developer?: What? No geometry wars? It's far out....

Gabe on Namco Bandai, The Stoner's Game Developer?: I love playing games stoned, never played Xenosaga like that though... Will try ;)...

Garrick on Namco Bandai, The Stoner's Game Developer?: Don't forget they made Super Robot Wars. Anything with that many brightly-coloured robots and insane teens wearing headbands fighting each...

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