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New Poll Reveals Good News For Tablet Gaming


As it happens, there are more uses for computers that viewing "special interest/educational" videos over a high-speed internet connection. AdMob, acquired by Google in 2010, recently conducted a survey of 1,400 tablet owners, which found some surprisingly figures about the prominence of tablet gaming. 84% of tablet owners surveyed said they used the the product for gaming. It's a trend that surely comes as welcome news to gaming companies -- particularly smaller companies and indie developers, which have found a happy little home on on the Android and iOS platforms -- as the survey reveals that about 3/4 of those questioned note their desktop or notebook use has decreased since purchasing a tablet, and 28% consider it to be their "primary computer." The full report can be download at this link, in pdf form.

Personally, I welcome the trend of tablet games. While they're not my cup of tea -- I've never really been, nor will I probably ever be, a fan of their use as a platform for "casual" games -- it's no doubt introducing gaming to a demographic that usually wouldn't typically indulge in such things. Perhaps one day this will translate into a broader interest in "hardcore" games -- I plan to be the king of the Playstation 12 when I'm set out to pasture at Shady Pines Retirement Home -- and will thus help to advance and further legitimize the industry.

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