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PopCap's Darker Side Launches First Game Today


Ever since the first announcement of 4th & Battery's creation, it's sounded like a great idea. Take the brilliant, game-focused minds at PopCap and let them run rampant with smaller titles that will not only interest gamers but also challenge their sensibilities? Yes, please! Thus, we've been waiting with baited breath for their first title.

I'm happy to say that wait is now over! Unpleasant Horse is an adorable pony whose only method of traversing the skies is to launch himself off of his fairer brethren. Maybe he doesn't have to go so far as shoving them into the meat grinders below, but, well... he never claimed his methods were all that pleasant.

It may be that gruesome touch hidden under the cutesy art style that caused Unpleasant Horse to be rejected from the App Store its first time around. 4th and Battery must have fixed something, though, because you can now download this experiment in ponydom for the low cost of free! Get out there and be unpleasant!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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