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Read The Full Super Meat Boy Postmortem


A few weeks back, selected bits leaked out from Edmund McMillen's and Tommy Refenes's Super Meat Boy postmortem for Game Developer magazine. Most of those comments focused on the team's disappointment with Microsoft leading up to the console release of the game, but now Gamasutra's got the full text of the article up on their site for a little more context.

The postmortem starts off with a bit of history of the game and the things that went right in making it, including the relationship between the two guys. Edmund explains:

Tommy and I bonded over the course of development, and Super Meat Boy was an expression of that. We had fun making this game and didn't hold those feelings back when it came to the decisions we made. Super Meat Boy was a schoolyard inside joke that just got out of hand. I think one of the things that is most appealing about SMB is anyone who plays video games gets to be in on that joke.


As for the issues getting the game onto XBLA, it's tucked at the back of the "What went wrong" section, along with their ambition in getting the game onto WiiWare, fixing bugs in the PC version, and buying Coke Zero with a negative bank balance. It's pretty clear that they feel Microsoft made promises that were not kept, including a prominent place in the Dashboard ads and a review from Xbox Live's Major Nelson. The lesson seems more, "Get it in writing," than "Never work with Microsoft," though. Overall, the tone of the write-up is definitely more triumphant than anything else, and is well worth a read for anyone who's interested in the game or independent development in general.

Postmortem: Team Meat's Super Meat Boy [Gamasutra]


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