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Sony Unveils Two New Tablets (Video)

We all know about Sony's recent "Playstation Certified" initiative, which aims to expand sales of Playstation titles by bringing them to Android devices -- provided, of course, that they meet Sony's specifications. Now it seems that Sony is preparing to take the reins, offering two tablets that will, as one might expect, bear the "Playstation Certified" label. This may not come as breaking news to some -- back in February, Engadget reported on the existence of one of the tablets -- but it does represent an important step in the company's rather lofty goal of becoming the #2 tablet maker by the year's end.

Their initial offerings, the S1 and S2, will be running Android 3 (Honeycomb), a system designed with tablet computing in mind. One key features is the inclusion of multi-core support, allowing Android to handle the horsepower newer machines -- a key asset for high-performance gaming. The S1 has the familiar slate design, with a 9.4 inch screen. It also features an ergonomic, curved design that allows for more comfortable use when held with one hand, as well as, presumably, more stability when laying on a flat surface, lending itself well to typing and gaming. The S2 features a clamshell design with two 5.5 inch screens. For the purposes of gaming, it looks like virtual controls will primarily be mapped to the bottom screen, whereas gameplay will be shown on the top screen. Both are running the Tegra 2 processor, and are set to be released this fall.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but the previously mention Engadget article, which covered the S1 claimed $599. Given what we know of the machine so far, that seems pretty accurate. For those interested in the retroactive play-by-play, check out the Wall Street Journal's live-blog from the Sony event!

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