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Street Pass NYC On April 16!

One of the cooler features of the Nintendo 3DS is the Street Pass function where your 3DS can communicate wirelessly with other 3DSes that you happen to pass on the street, in the mall, or on the bus. Certain games will exchange items and data, and you can also collect Miis to use in the Mii Plaza minigames. The only catch is that if you don't live in a densely populated area, it can be tough to Street Pass anybody. And even living in New York City, I still only randomly connect to about one or two people on my commute on a good day. So gatherings to exchange Street Pass data is a no-brainer!

Which is why it wasn't really a big surprise that there was someone at the midnight launch of the 3DS at Best Buy handing out fliers for the first official meeting of Street Pass NYC. They're planning to meet once a month to Street Pass each other, play games, and hang out. If you're not into meeting new friends, you can just wander by with your 3DS in your bag and ignore everyone until you're out of sight and then check to see who you connected with. Of course, if you wander through more than a few times to get everybody, somebody might notice!

Their first meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 16 in Union Square Park in Manhattan from 2pm to 5pm. According to the map, the meeting spot is at the south end of the park on the stairs, and they also say to keep an eye out for the giant AR cards, which sounds awesome. I want to see my Nintendog giant-sized in the middle of the city!

For more information, or to connect with people before next week, you can visit their Facebook page. And if you don't live in NYC, then why not create a Street Pass gathering in your own neck of the woods?


Pauwow said:

The StreetPass is great but let's face it this isn't Japan. I live in LA and I walked everywhere with my 3DS since the launch day. So far nobody with Street Fighter and one girl with Nintendogs that's it. I went to College, to the mall and other places with lots of people and nothing. The sad thing is by the time I find someone with StreetPass and SSFIV3DS I will have all the Figures. The same thing happen months ago with Dragon Quest and the map system, I walked with DSi for months and nothing, zero maps, zero people found.

Gabe said:

Is that really it's logo? It looks really 90's-ish...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Pauwow on Street Pass NYC On April 16!: The StreetPass is great but let's face it this isn't Japan. I live in LA and I walked everywhere with...

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