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Super Meat World Adds Player Levels, Cuts The Fat

super-meat-world.jpgWe recently noted how the XBLA certification process hinders those actual developers who are trying to make it on their own, retro sensibilities in tow. Team Meat didn't have a great experience as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade, having rushed their indie dream in order to make it into a lineup which they were then told didn't suit them. Still, better than releasing semi-anonymously on some chaotic, unregulated platform, right...?

Maybe not. After all, the Steam version of Super Meat Boy has seen a comfortable amount of success and modability, from a day-two counterprotest to some exclusive characters focused on the PC scene. And that's not all - recent updates have included a truly groundbreaking addition to SMB, even enough to muster a whole generation's worth of old-school naming conventions.

That's right, the update known as "Super Meat World" adds over 140 user-created levels to the punishing platforming goodness, as chosen by the developers. Players will gain access to it after unlocking just 20 bandages, which is only 'easy' if you're speaking purely relatively.

And that's not all! A chapter of this new mode called 'The Unknown' will enter beta testing soon, and will actually share user-generated levels on the fly, only filtered by the community. It's unclear whether there will be a way to opt-in to unrated levels, or whether it truly will be a situation where you're running blind around sawblades and homing missiles.

So - Xbox 360 players may be waiting a whole lot longer for this update, since MS makes it no mean feat to update one's game on the network. If this trend of user-made content continues, they may have to step up their game by stepping back from the regulatory side of dealing with devs who push the envelope.

[via: CVG]

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