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Telltale Games Inks A Deal With Microsoft


Telltale Games, currently developing Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead titles (which, if you ask me, is one hell of a line-up), has announced a deal to publish its own games for the Xbox 360:

"Adding console support to our acknowledged expertise in digital downloads is another positive step in our long-term growth strategy," said Telltale co-founder and CEO, Dan Connors. "We are pleased to expand the size of our potential audience by encompassing the Xbox 360 console consumer and bring our vision of video gaming to them."

The full list of titles being brought to Microsoft's console has not been released, but Telltale has indicated it will delay the release of the Jurassic Park series to Fall of 2011 so it can be readied for not only PC and Mac, but consoles as well.

While Telltale Games titles have been released on XBLA before, they were published by Microsoft, and for years now Telltale has released games for the PSN, WiiWare, PC, Mac, and iOS, but not for the 360. Given the 360's enormous install base and Telltale's promising line-up, this is good news both for gamers and for the publisher itself.

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