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Twins, Shirtless Guys, And Video Sharing

Settle down. It's not the porn you're looking for. But it is the equally exciting new Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition DLC.

SSFIVAE Trailer - Amazing videos are here

The trailer isn't much of a surprise; hardcore fans had been expecting this announcement after some spoiler-ific achievement names involving the new characters were leaked. Check the video while you can. It first popped up on to Console Tech earlier today, before being nabbed by Capcom and then merely posted up yet again. And you know what they say, once it's on the internet it can never be taken back.

The no doubt soon to be officially announced DLC pack is of epic proportions. Firstly, expect four count 'em four new playable characters to be introduced. That is, new if you haven't already played the arcade edition in a Japanese arcade. They are: Evil Ryu, who plays like a jacked version of Ryu with a few of Akuma's moves thrown in, Oni, who is a newly tweaked version of Akuma, and fan favorite twins Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III.

These four characters until now have been exclusive to arcade machines, meaning their data isn't present on the Super Street Fighter 4 discs you already own waiting to be unlocked, meaning that their inclusion alone will be one HEFTY download.


But wait, there's more. The leaked trailer also boasts character balancing for me and the handful of other El Fuerte fans out there as well as a brand new replay channel that will let you stalk follow your favorite players. The best of the best will now have their replay videos featured on an Elite Channel.

Last but not least especially for us gays code will be included to support new outfits. Note that the trailer doesn't say it includes new outfits but support for them. So expect to pay that much more for your next piece of Abel's fetish-wear collection. Worth it tbh.

abel fetish wear.png

No release date or price confirmed yet, but considering this is a complete upgrade to the game expect this one to cost a bit more than your usual DLC.


Dns said:

Good to see more SF3 characters in the mix!

Pauwow said:

Looks cool but I want this for my 3DS!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Dns on Twins, Shirtless Guys, And Video Sharing: Good to see more SF3 characters in the mix!...

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