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Video: Chris Dahlen At Wabash College

Professor Abbott at Wabash college managed to invite Chris Dahlen of Kill Screen magazine to discuss a variety of topics: talking about games critically, the components of games that fascinate him, how Kill Screen started, and then gives a few tips to people aspiring to write about games (though a lot of his tips can easily be taken to writing about anything).

He also references some slides he has, that are out of view of the camera, though Abbott has provided a link to them right here (PDF).

As someone who graduated from Wabash just as Abbott started discussing games critically (and he's the person you can thank for encouraging me to start writing about them at all), I find the above video just as fascinating as the fact that a small liberal arts college (800-900, all-male) is encouraging such talk about games.


Pauwow said:

Thanks for the video! It was nice to see someone smart talking about games!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Pauwow on Video: Chris Dahlen At Wabash College: Thanks for the video! It was nice to see someone smart talking about games!...

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