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Video: Dead Cyborg Will Take You On A Robo Adventure

I came across Dead Cyborg recently, and now it is pretty much all I can think about. Set in a rusty, mechanical future, Dead Cyborg is a text-based first-person adventure game. What intrigues me most, aside from the robotic setting, is that this will be a pure adventure game. That means no combat, no guns, no survival horror elements, just exploration and interacting with the environment. A game that hearkens back to Zork or Myst with first-person freedom of movement? Sign me up.

The game's not out yet, but the game's one man development team, Endre Barath, claims it is "coming soon" to PC, MAC, and Linux. Almost as intriguing as the game's premise is it's price. Dead Cyborg will release as a series of 3-4 episodes, each free to download from the game's site. However, for those who enjoy the game, donations will be accepted on the site with the next episode releasing once enough donations have been made. Of course, how much that means is completely up in the air, but it's certainly an interesting experiment.

In the meantime, check out the trippy trailer above. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Dead Cyborg, and let you all know when the game is actually available to download.

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