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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

I was actually getting worried during the middle of the week that I really wouldn't have anything to share with you this time. But sure enough, on Friday everything started happening! All the fun awaits after the jump!


Normally, Pascal just talks nonsense, but this time I think this is genuinely good advice. I've seen some of the crazy stuff I've fished up out of the ocean, and I expect the deeper you go, the crazier it gets! Although I wonder what happened to him that made him say this. Bad experience with a handsy giant squid?


Mom sent me a little note to mark the start of spring, not that it feels particularly like spring. At least in Narnia I can walk around in short sleeves and enjoy the leaves on the trees and the sunshine! Actually, I can walk around in short sleeves all year 'round... now that I think about it, that's kind of weird...


All I have to say is that Cyrano is lucky that Derwin has such shoddy personal hygiene. He wanted a flea, and I was skeptical I'd be able to get him one before he changed his mind about it since I hadn't seen anyone with them in ages. Leave it to Derwin to be a dirty bird!


Our new resident moved in early in the week, and her name is Rhonda. Although with that makeup, I have to wonder if maybe her name is actually Ron... if you know what I mean! (And I think you do...) Anyway she seems nice enough. Not sure what's up with the big hulking women moving to town, though. We had Violet, the giant purple ape (who is also less-than-feminine), and now Rhonda? I've never felt so tiny!


Naturally, since it's the first of the month this week, Nintendo delivered the next piece of the golden furniture set. This time it's a gold table! Not really big enough to serve dinner on, but maybe this is just the coffee table one and later there will be a bigger one. I can't wait to get the wallpaper and flooring so I can really make my home look like a tacky eyesore!


My mom was on a roll this week, sending me another letter on April first, and I guess I should thank my dad for stepping in and keeping her in line. Based on the rest of her correspondence, can you imagine how ridiculous her "joke" must have been? The mind boggles...


Also, because it was April first, Tortimer was hanging around in front of Town Hall to mark the holiday. You'd think that in a wacky town like Narnia, everybody would really embrace the silliness of it and at least tell weird jokes or something, but nothing. Well, aside from Derwin telling me that Nookway had opened up a salad bar... Not sure if he meant that as a joke or if he was just being weird as usual. Anyway, Tortimer said he had a present for me, and after pretending he was just joking and handing me nothing, the Mayor handed me a leaf. You know, the piece of furniture that looks like the leaf that they look like when they're not in your house. I was hoping for something new, but guess not. Oh well!


Oh yeah, I also noticed today that the leaves on some of the trees had gone all pink. At first I was like, "Wait, did we skip summer and go straight to fall?" But then I remembered that there's a whole cherry blossom thing that happens in the spring. It's really pretty with all the falling pink blossoms. I'd check the calendar, but it's not like I'm going to miss it!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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