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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

It's really starting to feel like spring in Narnia. Things are getting prettier. And this week was pretty good — all fun, no drama!


Violet told me that she was thinking of throwing a party, and the theme was to talk about what it would be like to have a calculator for every star in the sky. Huh? I'm gonna assume that this would also be a party where a lot of drugs would be done. Because that is a whole lot of nonsense. That's a lot of calculators! Why would you want that many calculators? The mind boggles. And then makes up an excuse why it can't go to Violet's calculator party!


Things got pretty around the middle of the week when all the beautiful pink blossoms started falling. And it keeps going! It lasts for days! So pretty. It looks a lot better in motion, though. It's hard to take a still photo of it to share with you, Diary. But trust me that when you're walking around town as the blossoms fall around you, it's lovely. And pink. Although they're not falling from the trees... they're falling from somewhere above that. Like snow. But it's not snow, it's blossoms. So it's weird. It's always weirded me out. I try not to think about where they're coming from.


Freya surprised me by telling me she was thinking about moving away and starting fresh somewhere else. I mean, she's not my best friend in town, or even one of my better friends, but there's something about her that I like. So I asked her not to go, and she must not have really wanted to, because she changed her mind pretty quickly and decisively. Woman's prerogative, I suppose!


Marcel wanted to play some hide and seek, so I was happy to say yes, since I can do my routine watering of wilted flowers in town as I wander around looking for them. Plus, he chose Pippy to play, which is awesome, because Pippy is the best! Anyway, it looked like I might actually fail, because it took me so long to go around the town once and I didn't find everyone! Time was getting so short, and I still hadn't found Pippy, so I gave up watering and started running around looking. But when I still came up empty, and there was less than a minute left, I decided to just give up and do the watering. They don't get upset if you lose, and they don't make fun of you, either. Nothing happens, so I figured why bother? Hilariously, as I went to water a wilted pansy, I actually accidentally stumbled across the tree behind which Pippy was hiding! With like, 30 seconds left on the clock! What luck! Most dramatic game of hide and seek ever!


I do dearly love Pascal and his words of... well, "wisdom," I guess. Although after a couple years, you'd think he'd start repeating himself. But honestly, this is the first one I think I've heard before. Either this guy has a lot of crazy stuff to say, or my memory isn't what it used to be. (I'm gonna go with the latter...)


And last, but certainly not least, I finally had some luck at Redd's back alley black market shop in the city! Finally he had a painting that wasn't a duplicate, and when I brought it to Blathers at the museum, it was actually the genuine article! (Redd's been extra shady of late.) So I was able to add the Quaint Painting to the museum's collection. There's still more than a few slots left, and I really should be more diligent about completing the collection!


AgentPolo083 said:

I can't believe it's been....2 years?...and you're still playing this game? I wish I had the dedication you had to the game. I think I played it for only two seasons.

Alex said:

I love this colum.. I feel like u r r really living there lol!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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AgentPolo083 on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I can't believe it's been....2 years?...and you're still playing this game? I wish I had the dedication you had to...

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