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Audio File Friday 'Chill SQ'


Greetings audiophiles! Hope your week is treating you alright.

You know how this works by now: Friday comes along, I showcase a musician who's work is somehow gaming-related, you enjoy your weekend with some new tunes or get mad when it's hip-hop. Well this week I'm switching things up a bit and rather than focus on a single artist and their line of work I'll be focusing on a single album that happens to feature many artists.

As summer approaches things can get pretty darn hectic. Whether you've got finals to wrap up, vacations to plan, workout regimes to see to, or just lead a generally hectic life anyway it might behoove you to stop. Take a breathe. Relax. Contrary to popular belief there's more than enough time to get done everything that needs getting done without stressing out like a crazy person.

Maybe take in a classic Square Enix RPG or two? What could be more relaxing than aimlessly wandering through pixelated fields for a little while? How about doing it while listening to some chill remixes of classic Square tunes?

That sound good? Say yes Well have I got the perfect album for you: Chill SQ.

Produced by Square Enix themselves, Chill SQ collects seven classic songs from the SNES Final Fantasies, Front Mission, Live A Live, and the seldom heard from but fondly remembered Final Fantasy Adventure and Final Fantasy Legend. Each song has been remixed into some truly sick chillout mixes by some of Japan's top composers and DJs all of whom have worked in the gaming music industry, if not with Square themselves.

This album is one of several that Square Enix has put out, along with Love SQ and More SQ, each one taking several classic tunes and reimagining them into a new sound that fits the album's theme.

Knowing how Square operates you'd expect them to focus entirely on modern entries in their two games. But rather than redundantly remixing FF7's anything One Winged Angel, Kingdom Heart's Dearly Beloved, or FFX's To Zanarkand again they've chosen to stick to the real classics. You know, the ones that are either too old for most Square fanboys to remember or too obscure for even the most knowledgeable RPG aficionado to recognize.

Like Live A Live, a title that I had never heard of until I heard one of its songs here. But after hearing this deliciously light dubstep remix I did some wiki-ing and am genuinely intrigued about the genre-spanning title.

Then on the far other end of the spectrum is this jazzy remix of Final Fantasy IV's Theme of Love. Final Fantasy IV: one of the most re-made/re-released/spun-off game in the entire series, second only to Final Fantasy 7. But hey, I've played each and every release thus far and will gladly do it again the next time around. Rydia is just that fierce.

And here we have this truly eargasmic remix of Front Mission's Within A Living Memory. Yeah, you remember Front Mission? Back when Square Enix, formerly Squaresoft did more than indulge Tetsuya Nomura's zipper fetish just Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts? Or at least branched out more often.

This album is truly a callback to the days of Squaresoft, those happier times before Square got hot, lost all that weight, became famous and forgot about its friends.

So if you're hankering for some peace of mind this weekend, why not take a break with the aptly titled Chill SQ? Then maybe pop in an old Final Fantasy cartridge or give Front Mission a spin if you haven't sold your copy for profit yet.

You can buy the album digitally on iTunes or one of the many Japanese music import sites there are if having a physical copy is more your thing.

That about wraps it up for this week. See you audiophiles next week with more hip-hop just 'cus I like to troll music to meet your gayming needs. Until then, stay chill.



Gamescook said:

They threw a Final Fantasy IV screenshot when previewing the music from VI into that first video up there.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Gamescook on Audio File Friday 'Chill SQ': They threw a Final Fantasy IV screenshot when previewing the music from VI into that first video up there....

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