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Blizzcon Tickets On Sale Shortly, Probably Sold Out By The Time You Read This


The first round of tickets for this year's Blizzcon are about to go on sale, starting at 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific. That's almost right now, so you should decide pretty quick if you want to spend $175 for a pass.

If you miss out today, another round of tickets will go on sale Wednesday, May 25 at 10 pm Eastern, 7 pm Pacific, and if you'd like to dine with some of the company's big wigs, around 200 tickets for a benefit dinner go on sale next Saturday for $500 and include a pass to the show. If you're the stay at home type, Blizzard will also be selling virtual passes to the convention that will let you stream the event online and on DirectTV for $9.99.

The convention is sure to be a treasure trove of Diablo III information and swag, and don't be surprised if attendees get early access to a beta test or something. They'll probably also have more information about the next couple volumes in the Starcraft II series of games, and if you're lucky they may have a little bit to reveal about their next MMO, which is currently top secret.

Blizzcon Tickets [Blizzard]
[via VG247]

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