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Diablo III Beta Coming This Summer?


Diablo III has been a lot of things to me: A welcome callback to my youth, the continuation of a classic franchise, and a testament to the axiom that video games don't need to immerse themselves in a web of complex game mechanics in order to be fun. Mainly though, it has stood out in my mind as an odious, odious lie peddled by evil men. Despite my deeply-held belief that Diablo III is little more than some kind of social experiment -- one conceived to do little more than measure the limits of human disappointment upon the revelation that it was nothing but a myth after all -- Blizzard is well on its way to developing a proper, fully-functioning, new installment in the popular series. According to a Kotaku article, "During today's Activision financial results conference call, Blizzard boss Michael Morhaime pinpointed a three-month window for the Diablo III beta." The game reportedly underwent internal testing last week, a hopeful sign for those, like myself, who have been eager for some hack & slash goodness.

Despite the interminable wait, the company is putting quality above fans' hopes for a timely release. Blizzard aims to have Diablo III on store shelves before the end of 2012, but no official release date has been set. Those of us who wish once again to venture into the depths of darkness, miss the "lonely old man" musings of Deckard Cain, or simply wish to re-experience the wonder that is the Horadric Staff in stunning HD are just going to have to be patient.


Jamie said:

I wish, a thousand times over, that was the real logo.

Super Swede said:

Seconded. Throw in a J-Pop soundtrack and we'll be set.

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Super Swede on Diablo III Beta Coming This Summer?: Seconded. Throw in a J-Pop soundtrack and we'll be set....

Jamie on Diablo III Beta Coming This Summer?: I wish, a thousand times over, that was the real logo....

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