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Director Takashi Miike Working On Phoenix Wright Film?

gyakuten_saiban_-_mitsurugi_reiji.jpgIt's not exactly far-flung when a popular anime gets the casting treatment in Japan - the live-action drama genre is bigger than ever, in fact. Using the day's brightest young stars to fill in for the roles of drawn characters, these shows bring familiar stories to life and add more supplements for serious fans to get their hands on.

It's a little more rare for video games to get a live-action adaptation--and even more rare that a famous film director might be involved. Takashi Miike has been directing edgy films since 1991, with Ichi The Killer being his most famous. He just recently screened his latest work at the Cannes Film Festival, a story about a samurai which happens to include a lengthy depiction of hari kiri.

In defending his choices about the violence in his films, Miike mentioned casually that his next film would have very little blood; rather, it's "a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS."

Hmm... any guesses? The director already has another film in post, so it'll be awhile yet before there's any solid news on actors or plots for a Phoenix Wright movie (though if they don't cast a dreamboat to play Edgeworth, no jury will convict me)! In the meantime, feel free to read about the Cannes Festival's new Queer Palm award, which was taken this year by Beauty (Skoonheid), a film about being gay in South Africa.

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