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Double Your 3DS Battery Life?


So I got this press release from Hyperkin touting their 3DS Powerplus, which they claim will double the battery life of your Nintendo 3DS system with an 1800 mHA battery. It's going to retail for $19.99, and should be launching this summer. And while it sounds like a good idea, I'm not completely sold on it.

"The 3DS Powerplus is a great way to juice your 3DS for marathon gaming," stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin's Business Director. "It doubles the battery life and it's incredibly comfortable to use." Continued Mar: "The 3DS default battery is 1300 mAH. In 3D mode with normal sound, the system only provides three and a half hours of playtime. The 3DS Powerplus more than doubles the battery life while still remaining unobtrusive."

At first, it does look reasonably unobtrusive. It slips onto the bottom of your 3DS unit, and the fact that it's made of rubber to offer an improved grip is nice. But while it doesn't add too much girth to the bottom of the handheld, there's that giant thing sticking out of the back of it. That's more than a little obtrusive. As much as I'd like to double my 3DS battery life, I don't know how I feel about playing it with a giant rectangular protuberance poking out the back corner of it. Also, it kind of negates the convenience of dropping the 3DS into the charging dock because you'd have to plug in the attached battery. Presumably after removing it so you can charge them both at the same time.


Gene said:

The convienience I see with this battery is that you can attach it easily whenever you really need that extra juice (long road trips, for example). The rest of the time I'd just use the regular battery with its craddle... I doubt I'd buy it anyways.

btw, Wootini. I'll be in nyc soon with my bf for vacations (I'm from Caracas, Venezuela). If I see you in the OoT3D launch party in the NWS, I'm definitely going to ask you for a picture!

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Gene on Double Your 3DS Battery Life?: The convienience I see with this battery is that you can attach it easily whenever you really need that extra...

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