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EB Games Expo Opening Its Doors To Aussie Gamers


Australian gamers, cruelly separated by the unreasonably-mammoth Pacific ocean from big international gaming conventions like the Tokyo Game Show, E3, CES, PAX, and the GDCs in North America and Europe, will soon have an expo to call their own, thanks to EB Games. The retailer will be opening the doors of its Games Expo to the public this year, offering everyone access to upcoming games and some of the biggest names in video gaming.

According to EB, the show will include games never before featured in Australia, the national finals for the World Cyber Games, a Cosplay competition, and presentations from major gaming companies. VIP passes will net participants swag, priority access, and the opportunity to sit in on media interviews.

I know we have a lot of Aussie readers, so if you're interested check out EB's expo site. The 2011 Expo will be held on the Gold Coast starting October 15, and more details are on their way.

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