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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 4/26/2011


  • Nintendo confirmed details of their next home console, mainly saying that we'll get a first look at E3, and we can expect to have it in our living rooms sometime in 2012.

  • Wootini talked a bit about recent 3DS adventures in his latest video podcast.

  • Henshin A Go Joe also had some street pass experiences this week, and shared his thoughts.

  • Talking to investors, Nintendo gave some new details about their release schedule this year.

  • The full extent of Sony's security breach came to light, revealing that hackers grabbed a bunch of personal information about every PSN customer.

  • NaviFairy wondered if Nintendo's next console will bring their long-missing vitality sensor back into the limelight.

  • Vorpal Bunny discussed Birdo as a queer character, using the somewhat slight evidence we've gotten from Nintendo.

  • This week's Audio File Friday featured DJ Flipboitamidles.

  • In this week's Animal Crossing Diary, Wootini dealt with loss, and avoided a creepy rabbit.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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