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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 5/16/2011


  • Henshin A Go Joe reviewed Bangai-O HD: Missle Fury for XBLA.

  • This week's virtual console featured one of the most enduring RPGs of the 16-bit era, Chrono Trigger.

  • This week's Minecraft Monday featured a return to Creepertown.

  • In this week's video podcast, Wootini had some Portal 2 thoughts and described his hands-on with El Shaddai.

  • Sony revealed exactly what they'll be giving away to PS3 and PSP owners affected by the PSN hack. They also announced that the Playstation Store should start coming back up on May 24th.

  • Lady Gaga took over a section of FarmVille, giving fans and players early access to tracks from her new record Born This Way.

  • Henshin A Go Joe explained why he's not selling Shadowrun, the 2007 class based shooter.

  • A writer for Ubergizmo wasn't pleased with the news that Mass Effect 3 would be getting expanded same-sex relationship options, but the site took down his editorial after negative feedback.

  • This week's Audio File Friday featured the 8-bit inspired music of Arman Bohn.

  • Wootini had a bunch of villagers just lie right to his face in this week's Animal Crossing Diary.


Gumba Masta said:

Someone's been playing SburB again.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Gumba Masta on GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 5/16/2011: Someone's been playing SburB again....

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