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Glu Mobile Named A Top Android Developer, Wins Editor's Choice At Google I/O

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For those who don't know, Google I/O is an event that "brings together thousands of developers for two days of deep technical content, focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications" for Google platforms, according to the I/O website. It proved to be a boon to Glu Mobile, which received special recognition at during the event. The company mainly produces iOS games, but has been known to produce cross-platform titles such as Super KO Boxing II and the upcoming (currently only available on iPhone) Contract Killer. Attention was focused on their recent addition to the Android Marketplace, Gun Bros, a top-down shooter in the vein of Smash TV. Niccolo de Masi, CEO of Glu Mobile, was appreciative of the praise.

"We are honored to be named a Top Developer, as well as to receive the prestigious Editor's Choice award for Gun Bros [...] Our dedication to the Android platform, innovation in design and game play is evidenced through the popularity of our 3D Social Mobile games. We appreciate Google's recognition of these accomplishments."

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Apple still has a firm hold on the market: The App Store has over 65,000 iPad apps (according to the Apple website) compared to a mere 60 available on the Android Marketplace - never mind the ungodly abundance of those for the iPhone. Still, I do sense some hope for the future of Android. As more tablet manufacturers pop up -- not being Apple or RIM, they are left only with Google's wunderkind, unless they feel especially compelled to run Windows 7 -- it seems that the Android is on an upward trend. While Apple certainly has a loyal consumer base, and I do credit them for doing what they do very well, the range of available tablets (which will surely increase over time) buts Google in an enviable position. Android may have its problems, but right now it is, for all practical purposes, the only other major contended for the tablet OS market.
As a brief aside, I recently purchased one of these newfangled devices. As it happens, my value-priced netbook was packed with enough "value" as to find itself hopelessly incapable of running Word, and thus I have wished it out into the cornfield with utmost malice. $450 later, I found myself with a fancy new toy, loaded with the latest version of Android, Honeycomb. In addition to being sleek, sexy, and all those other lovely adjectives one finds attached to "newer" devices, it has the fringe benefit of being my one-stop shop for free games. Granted, the Android Market is by no means a goldmine -- most of the titles could be described as, channeling all the Minnesota Nice I can muster, "quite mediocre" -- but every now and again on finds a little diamond in the rough like Gun Bros. Doing justice to its old-school forebearers, the game pits the player against wave upon wave of varied enemies, offering powerups, charmingly-quirks weapons and armor (a Barrett-type Gun Arm, reindeer antlers, and a Santa suit, to provide just a few examples), as well as a leveling system. It's tremendously addictive, easy on the eyes, and can be downloaded for the low, low price of free. Gun Bros is listed as a "featured tablet app" on the Android Marketplace, but can also be found on both the App Store and Facebook. So don your finest combat trousers, flex those ample biceps, and enjoy a few fun and frivolous hours of Gun Bros - those robots from the future aren't going to destroy themselves.

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