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Hellgate Returns With Brief Beta Next Month

HellgateTemplar.jpgWhen Flagship Studios closed in 2008, they lost two names: Hellgate: London, a post-apocalyptic MMO, and Mythos, the idea behind which later became Torchlight. Both titles were given as collateral to the Korean company Hanbitsoft--though not easily, to hear Flagship's former CEO tell it.

So what ended up happening to the MMO that dragged down Flagship? Well, as you may have already heard, it's coming back as Hellgate: Resurrection, overhauled for more familiar combat but still with the demon-hunting backdrop. The game has been big in Korea for years now, but one has to wonder whether the West given up on the name "Hellgate."

In anticipation, Hanbitsoft is offering some lucky folks a chance to see what they've done with the place. They've announced a closed beta of Hellgate: Resurrection starting from June 3-5, and possibly continuing until launch. Details are sparse on how to sign up, but if you don't get in, take solace in the fact that the full free-to-play game will come out later in the year.

So, who's ready to don some Tron-gear and slay demons?!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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