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Hideo Kojima Will Skip E3, Hinting At Future Work

954.jpgRegardless of one's feelings on the Japanese games industry, one name to count on in almost every regard is Hideo Kojima. Aside from his usual hits in the Metal Gear series, there are always rumors of resurgence for one of his past titles, like the sci-fi strangeness of Policenauts or the high-flying Zone of the Enders. Recently the internet has been made richer by some clues as to what Kojima's deal is, mostly from his own Twitter account. For example, last month he teased his next project as something that would "challenge a certain type of taboo," saying failure could even end his career. From an artist standpoint, he sounded willing to put everything on the line. And then, always at the ready, some yaoi fans fashioned a mockup of a boys-love game involving MGS characters, perhaps to give the man some ideas... but then, that was in April.

Then, just last week, the big boss' Twitter sounded utterly distraught: "I can't take it anymore; this is unbearable, I can't stay positive. The thing that I spent one year delicately preparing became meaningless." No clues besides that, but considering the only unannounced project from Kojima Productions was his unknowable 'taboo,' it seems possible that was the subject of the lost work. Whether it was taboo or production woes that killed it, we may never know.

Other than last year's release of MGS: Peace Walker, Kojima hasn't been directing much--in recent memory, his previous Metal Gears have been the ideal candidates to demonstrate new consoles, appearing on show floors in both the 3DS and the NGP. Last year's Castlevania had his studio's oversight, but was mostly developed by the Madrid-based MercurySteam. Kojima has also announced he's planning to skip out on E3 this year--a surprise considering how much attention has been given to the upcoming release of MGS3D.

Still, there's some hope for a new project on the horizon. Just today, Kojima's Twitter has been alight with images of a recording studio, including a playbill and group shot of himself with four of his favorite voice-actors, who helped dub the Japanese release of Castlevania, but who are more famous as part Metal Gear's ongoing cast.

So whether it's a reimagining of the first two Solid titles or a brand new project, Kojima's too hard at work right now to bother with flying out to E3. So who's got money on Zone of the Enders 3?

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