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Launch Trailer: L.A. Noire's Homicide Desk

If you're a brave rider of the waves that are L.A. Noire's release hype, then you may already possess the game. If you're not, then you may be waiting on our review to make your decision. So why would we post this launch trailer at all? Because it's awesome!

Not that we haven't offered enough coverage of Rockstar's latest opus already, but this final trailer really kicks things off with a bang. It offers a glimpse at Cole's time on the Homicide desk in the LAPD, where some of the finks he faces down are naturally well-armed and dangerous. The usual blend of drama and interrogation flash by, but this video almost seems designed to reassure the less story-inclined gamers that--yes, you will shoot a bunch of guys, even if you are playing a cop this time around.

As an anecdote to reassure those of us who are story-inclined, my Phelps has already had one encounter end in a shooting death that I'm pretty sure I could've prevented if I'd played my cards right. An interesting comparison arises: in Grand Theft Auto IV, the random baddies Nico shot would often moan and writhe for a good while - clearly out of the fight, but not actually dead without a headshot. This may have allowed the player to feel more merciful, even while technically mowing down dozens of mobsters or cops. In my limited experience with L.A. Noire, however, it seems people in the 40s were much less resistant to bullets. Your decision to fire your gun as Detective Phelps will weigh much more heavily on the outcome of any given case.

All that said: Rockstar hasn't announced a PC port yet, so for gamers on that side of the fence, make sure to check out these launch trailers for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, posted by our dandy Dawdle! Also, Fable III releases on PC today for the U.S., but you've probably heard of that.

Finally, a quote from my favorite Irish investigator: "Interrogation requires a certain animal cunning, lad... Do you think you might be ready for that?"

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