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Lordi, There's More Foo Fighters DLC!


This week, Harmonix adds some more Foo Fighters songs to the Rock Band Music Store... four of them to be exact. From their new album, Wasting Light, you've got "Rope" and "Walk." And then from older records, "Long Road to Ruin" and "Stacked Actors." In addition, there's also Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades for back catalog Foo Fighters songs "Monkey Wrench" and "The Pretender."

And in case your tastes run harder than Foo Fighters — or more insane — you could download "Hard Rock Hallelujah" from Finnish Eurovision winners Lordi! Or if you're feeling a little more urban, there's Run-DMC's "King of Rock."

Tunes are $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and $2.00 on Wii. The Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrades for the two back catalog Foo Fighters songs (as well as "Rope") are $.99. The Foo Fighters Pack 04 will run you $6.99. And obviously, due to the ongoing PSN outage, Rock Band content will be delayed on the PS3. But just think about how much music you'll have to play once it finally gets up and running again!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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