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Microsoft's Press Badges Hint At E3 Reveal

MS press badge stickers.jpg

E3 is just two weeks away, and Microsoft is getting ready by sending out press badges to its big press conference for the show. And while I normally wouldn't report on this sort of thing, Microsoft's press badge seems to be dropping some hints as to what their big games of the show will be.

The badge came in the mail in two parts. First, there is the badge itself, which has a number of blank boxes marked as "Status," "Favorite Hero," "Motto," and such. The second part of is a sheet of stickers, which can be used to fill in the blank boxes on the badge.

Now, what stands out most are the sticker options for the "Favorite Hero" category. Some of the characters are the expected standard Microsoft fare, like Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, and Cortana. Others represent big games that will be present at the show, like Batman and Lara Croft. Arkham Asylum had exclusive PS3 content, so it's possible Microsoft has secured its own exclusive DLC this time around and will announce it at E3. There really isn't a lot known about the new Tomb Raider, but the fact that Microsoft is billing it as one of their top titles certainly is encouraging for the reboot.

But two of the options just don't fit like the others. Luke Skywalker, specifically, seems to suggest that the Star Wars Kinect game first revealed last year will get a more formal introduction at E3 2011. The press badge also included stickers of a lightsaber and the phrase "May the force be with you," so expect some significant Star Wars-related news to come out of Microsoft's press conference. The other name that stood out to me was GLaDOS, which could simply be capitalizing on the recent popularity of Portal 2. Though, her inclusion on the press badge reminds me of the Xbox Live Arcade release of Portal: Still Alive and the possibility of a similar XBLA release tied in with Portal 2.

Will Tomb Raider, Gears 3, Arkham City, and Star Wars steal the show at E3? Is a new Halo (or the often rumored remake of the original) planned for the series' 10th anniversary? Is Microsoft just having a bit of fun and I'm reading entirely too much into it? We'll find out on June 6 when Microsoft kicks off its press conference bright and early at 9AM PST.

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