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MineCraft Coming To Xperia Play Before Other Phones


The Xperia Play is releasing in North America tomorrow, heralding a return to the unholy fusion of cellphone and handheld gaming console that, as those of us of a certain age recall, didn't work out terribly well last time around. Given its $200 price tag (with a two-year contract through Verizon Wireless), potential customers will be left weighing the cost of the Xperia Play against the promise of classic Playstation goodness. Regardless, one thing is for certain: There will be MineCraft. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the day after, but there will indeed be Minecraft

Those who follow industry news are undoubtedly aware that the game will be coming to iOS, as well as phone that, like the Xperia Play, are running the Android. However, Majong has revealed to Gamasutra that Xperia play owners will be able to get their on-the-go fix for "MineCrack" -- a cutesy nickname noting the game's parallels to the similarly pleasurable and addictive experience of crack cocaine, yet devoid of the irksome tremors, panic attacks, and tendencies toward armed robbery characteristic of genuine chemical dependency -- before their less-fortunate counterparts. No pricing or release date has yet been set, with the company only saying that the game will "release early and update frequently." In addition, the Xperia Play version is reported to feature controls that wll take advantage of the phone's face buttons. Minecraft certainly won't be enough to sustain Sony Ericsson's nifty little gadget, bt the prospect of getting first dibs on an immensely popular game does give its profile a boost, however fleeting said boost may be.


wohdin said:

The greatest thing about Minecraft is its portability - you can run it from just about any computer (as long as they're not running on certain AMD-based graphics cards that get all borked up with OpenGL implementations), it installs quickly, and saved worlds are completely portable. As long as you have a Minecraft account, you can play anywhere where there's a PC (or Mac) available. For free. You never have to pay another penny for this mobility. Which is why I can't support the notion of having to pay for the game again simply for it to be mobile. (Then again, people are still re-buying digital copies of PS1 games...)

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone would want Minecraft on a portable device to begin with - the game itself is such that it sucks hours upon hours of one's time away in what feels like mere moments; it's a serious session-game, it's not something you can just pick up in bite-sized chunks, because of the amount of dedication required to get anything productive done within the world's constraints. And despite the simplistic nature of the gameplay, I can't imagine any mobile device that would even begin to provide an enjoyable experience.

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wohdin on MineCraft Coming To Xperia Play Before Other Phones: The greatest thing about Minecraft is its portability - you can run it from just about any computer (as long...

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