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MinecraftCon Might Tear Up Vegas This Year

minecraft_sauer_wallpaper.jpgWhat's the easiest way to tell if an indie game has a cult following? Clue one: its developers are considering flying overseas, renting hotel parts, and throwing a con dedicated... to launching the game. And, well, the fact that it's already generated $33 million from just the alpha & beta versions doesn't help.

Minecraft is no ordinary indie game, but its creator, Notch, is still soliciting opinions before taking steps to rent out convention space in Las Vegas. He plays around with ideas for contests ("costume, speed building, whatever else"), as well as Q&A sessions so he can finally face down all the folks that think they know the one true feature that he needs to put in his game.

Being a gamer himself, however, Notch is realistic about priorities, especially given the expected launch date of 11/11/11. "We could even have an unofficial Skyrim play session at the con. :-D I know I won't have the patience to wait until I get home." Amusingly, this matches some earlier sentiments about trying to work the day after Portal 2.

In all seriousness, Minecraft is the kind of world where anything can happen, so swapping stories is a favorite pastime among players. Add in some face time with developers, building contests, and trap-making sessions, and this is shaping up to be a fine launch indeed. If making it into Minecraft's history sounds like something you'd dig (ha), then go and let Notch know!


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Where's that lovely rendering from? What program?

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