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Nintendo Announces DS Lite Price Cut


It's becoming rather tiresome waiting for the inevitable end of the DS Lite; having sung the somber requiem of our old friend last month - a leaked Gamestop memo suggested that the chain would no longer carry new DS Lites - I sensed this may have been the beginning of the end for Nintendo's popular handheld. Yet it still lives, clinging on to this earthly coil with every fiber of its will, taunting me with its continued existence - boring into the center of my being, like some sort of ghastly tormentor pulled from one of Edgar Allen Poe's absinthe nightmares.

Until its demise frees me of this, Nintendo has announced that they will be dropping the suggested retail price of DS Lites from $129.99 to a much more attractive $99.99, starting June 5th. As 1up notes, "The new price makes it a full $150 cheaper than the new 3DS, $50 less than a DSi, $70 less than a DSi XL, and $30 less than a PSP 3000." DS Lite titles will soon bear a red packaging; the first to be granted the honor will be, according to the 1up article, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Party DS, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem.

One might be hesitant at the thought of spending $100 for the latest and greatest of yesteryear, especially as the system is nearing the end of its life cycle, and one could simply save the money that would be spent on a DS Lite (plus the cost of games) and instead purchase a 3DS. However, as sure as cash doesn't grow on trees, and youthful indiscretions can cause you to rack up so much credit card debt that you gave serious consideration to filing bankruptcy when I was nineteen, there will be those without the financial means to acquire Nintendo's new gadget -- inviting as it is, folding open to reveal its 3D magic like some long-forgotten grimoire. The Lite is still a good buy for those with a limited budget - even more so with the price drop -- and given that one get lost for ages in the infinite gamescape that is the DS's library (much of which now finds itself heavily discounted), newcomers in particular will find much to keep themselves entertained.


Nathan said:

It is the only DS that still plays gba games which is why my brother and I just bought one.

Super Swede said:

Yeah, though luckily there will undoubtedy be used DS Lites for some time

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Super Swede on Nintendo Announces DS Lite Price Cut: Yeah, though luckily there will undoubtedy be used DS Lites for some time...

Nathan on Nintendo Announces DS Lite Price Cut: It is the only DS that still plays gba games which is why my brother and I just bought one....

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