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Plants vs Zombies On Android Releases - Free Today Only!

PvsZ_2_270x270.jpgAndroid users have felt a serious lack of big-name games, especially when compared to to the standards of iPhone's shiny, better-regulated marketplace. For years, even the most basic and well-known of titles, including PopCap's offerings, have been no-shows for Android users.

This year, however, is the last! In a fit of inspired technological unity, PopCap announced the releases of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle on Android, and the first of these is available starting today. And what better way to honor capitalism than by giving a new product away for free?

At least, that's the plan.

Anyway, I'm sure that giving away one of the most-wanted apps on a new platform can work out--using giveaways to increase word-of-mouth can necessarily lead to future sales, and customers with smartphones are far more likely to have those connections in place to get the virtual goods flowing.

The only catch in this great plan of free stuff is that PopCap has struck a deal with the new Amazon App Store, which naturally doesn't come preinstalled on most phones. The quick way to get it is via this link - if the magic doesn't happen, you may have to set your phone to allow installs from unknown sources. (It only follows that Amazon muscling in on Google's official app store didn't get the seal of approval.) Oh, and because of the size, the download is Wi-Fi only.

If Plants vs Zombies and the undated release of Peggle get enough attention, it might encourage other hit iOS titles to become platform-agnostic as well. This deal is for today only, so jump on it and start beating back the undead!


Sadly, it's incompatible with the original Motorola Droid (I tried to download it last night). Alas.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Kythera of Anevern on Plants vs Zombies On Android Releases - Free Today Only!: Sadly, it's incompatible with the original Motorola Droid (I tried to download it last night). Alas....

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