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Submit Your Story For The Minecraft Documentary


Previously, we Swedes had been known for only three things: Snow, Death Metal, and snow-related Seasonal Affective Disorder. We also have a thriving glass-blowing industry and a King with adorably pinchable cheeks (i'm not entirely sure what he does, to be honest), but these typically don't make their way into daily conversation. Now, with the success of Minecraft, we of Swedish descent not only have a massively popular game, but an achievement that doesn't speak to the misery of the human condition. Originally created by Markus "Notch" Persson, the game has taken the world by storm, prompting a documentary about the history of Mojong Games (the developer and publisher of Minecraft), in particular, it's first year of existence, as well as some background on Persson's life, and how he developed an interest in creating video games. The documentary is being funded by fans; at present, it has reached $210,297 in donations, well exceeding its goal of $150,000. The 20 minute "Proof of concept" can be viewed at Gametrailers, for those who have not yet seen it.

Now gamers are being offered the chance at having their story included in the documentary. From 2 Player Productions, the company behind the film:

2 Player Productions is putting out an open call for Minecraft players to send us your personal stories about how the game has impacted your life. These stories will be collected and considered for inclusion in "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang," the new feature-length documentary in development by 2 Player Productions.

Although I spend most of my days desperately suckling at the teat of sarcasm for nourishment, I'm a hopeless chump for these kinds of stories. Markus Persson comes across as a charming, sincere, and surprisingly shy individual, and one can't help but be happy about the sudden and unexpected success of Minecraft, if only to put a smile on his face. Such success can do terrible things to otherwise decent people, but until he undergoes the metamorphosis into some kind of monster, a snarling, ferocious beast that knows only hate; a prisoner in a boundless labyrinth built around his heart like some sort of corporate Minotaur, it's a sweet story with a charming would-be protagonist. It's almost like someone could make a documentary about it.

Update: Those who wish to submit their story, which must be 350 words or less, can submit it via email to For more info, or to keep up with news on the forthcoming documentary, be sure to check out the website of 2 Player Productions.

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