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That's One Way To Promote An Album

Lady Gaga motorcycle

As little monsters worldwide count down the days to the release of Lady Gaga's upcoming sophomore album Born This Way, the pop star is doing everything she can to promote the record. She's already released the controversial cover art and the full tracklisting. She formed an exclusivity deal with Target before breaking it due to their support of anti-gay groups. We've seen two hit singles: Born This Way and Judas each with accompanying visuals and just yesterday saw the release of the utterly flawless promotional single Edge of Glory featuring saxophonist Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band. Come next week she'll be releasing another new promotional single via iTunes titled Hair, also reported to feature Clemons, to hold fans over until the album officially drops May 23rd. Her HBO special Monster Ball Live at Madison Square Garden debuted this past Sunday, and she's been making the rounds with performances on Ellen, Oprah, and soon American Idol.

Rather than let her cultural phenom status do the work for her looking at you Britney the girl's been hustlin'. And today it was announced that the Born This Way hype train has got at least one more stop before it pulls in:


Or should I say GagaVille?

Via The Associated Press:

The singer, known for her outrageous styles and hits such as "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance," will allow singles from "Born This Way" (due out May 23) to be heard within a specially-created farm, called "GagaVille," in the game. Players will have to complete tasks to hear one exclusive new track per day streamed online from May 17 to 19. Starting on May 20, players will be also able to unlock additional songs that aren't exclusive.

"GagaVille" will be short-lived. Zynga says it's running the special only until May 26 to celebrate the debut of "Born This Way." The company wouldn't say whether Lady Gaga picked "FarmVille" to debut her songs or if Zynga concocted this unusual promotion, which will feature magical unicorns, sheep on motorcycles and other Gaga-inspired items on "GagaVille."

While I may be as desensitized to Gaga-related antics as a six year old GTA-player is to violence this still got me scratching my head. But after reading the full press release I realized that maybe this isn't as silly as one might think. I may not be a FarmVille player myself too busy stalking people tbh but millions upon millions of people out there are, ending their long days with virtual crop trading. Why not hit 'em at home?

If getting an early listen to the highly anticipated record isn't enough incentive for you, Zynga will be giving away Gaga themed in-game items as well as opportunities to win the album sort of for free, snag concert tickets, and to attend Lady Gaga's next video shoot.

I'm signing up at this very moment just for the sheep on motorcycles.

Cross promotion like this is nothing new for gamers, or even for Zynga, but there's a certain...validitation? of casual gaming that comes with the announcement. One of the most recognizable faces in the world is lending not only her brand but much sought after content exclusively to a Facebook game. Not a major console release. Not even a minor console release. That's got to be worth something.

Though far from her oddest promo effort this still feels a bit left field, but as of yet her oddities have proven nothing but immensely fruitful so more power to her. Guarantee that in a year's time all the big name popstars will have a Ville or some equivalent. KanyeVille? Ke$haWars? AngryAdeles? RobotRihannaAttack?

Whatever the case, the first step will be seeing how GagaVille does come May 17th. What say you gaymers? Will you be checking out what Mama Monster's farm has to offer?



João Victor said:

the BEST part of the post: ME GUSTA (: LOL
this will be a great oportunity to zynga, gaga is the most comercial singer today, make a famous facebook game with gaga apeal will be easy money (:

Adrian said:

No, I will not be playing it. She's starting to annoy me.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Adrian on That's One Way To Promote An Album: No, I will not be playing it. She's starting to annoy me....

João Victor on That's One Way To Promote An Album: the BEST part of the post: ME GUSTA (: LOL this will be a great oportunity to zynga, gaga is...

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