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Thor: Bring The Thunder (A Quickie Review)


Tomorrow sees the release of Thor, a movie so epic as to make Ragnarok itself seem like a Civil War re-enactment by comparison. Battles will be waged, pecs will be rippled, and the cities of man shall be laid to waste by the cruel caprices of the Gods. Until this occurs, Marvel invites you to play Thor: Bring the Thunder, a 2-D platformer that harkens back to the 16-bit era while providing cursory information about the film. The game looks, sounds, and plays like your standard flash affair -- sound is bare-bones compared to the much more appealing music, while the visuals positively drip with Super Nintendo nostalgia -- featuring three types of attack (ranged, melee, and special), as well as your usual jump and duck. I played on normal mode, finding the game astonishingly easy, save for a couple of boss battles and the tedious string of death that comes with any platformer. The "Campaign mode" features four levels of no more than three sections in length, each concluding with a boss battle. None of them are tremendously entertaining, but the inclusion of such content does break up the monotony of what is essentially meant to be a charming, 30-40 minute movie tie-in. Players can also test their endurance in "Survival mode," pitting everyone's favorite Asgardian-American against respawning enemies, but a few minutes it quickly becomes tiresome.

The game is elementary, throwaway fun, but unless you feel terribly compelled to peruse the headlines over your lunch break (Spoiler alert: Bin Laden is still dead) Thor: Bring the Thunder will provide a reasonably entertaining departure from the daily grind.

Thor: Bring the Thunder is free to play on Marvel's website.

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