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Twisted Pixel Teams With Equally-Twisted Troma Films


The Gunstringer is a unique Kinect game coming from the talented folks at Twisted Pixel, where you play as a gunslinging marionette out for revenge. You may recall from my earlier write-up on the game that it is portrayed as a puppet show with a live-action audience and reviews of your "performance" following each level (and sometimes during!). And as Twisted PIxel reached out to find people to deliver said performance reviews, Game Director Bill Muehl went after his idol, Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment. You know, the guy who created the Toxic Avenger! (That's his pic to the right)

Obviously, as an indie studio, they're making games for the love of the craft, and don't have a huge budget to pay big-name stars to lend their talents to their games. But Troma Films and Kaufman know all about pinching pennies and finding amazing talent on the cheap instead of going for the big names (which cost big bucks!). So Kaufman was more than happy to listen to Muehl's pitch and sign up.

"So I got a call from Bill here and he said he wanted my help but he didn't have any money for me," says Kaufman. "I do that to people all the time so I knew what he was up to. He was trying to use the master's tricks back on the master! I figured, well it's been two decades since I gave the world The Toxic Crusaders, the best video game of the 20th century. I've waited a long time but The Gunstringer, being a true indie production with a crazy amount of personality, is the right game at the right time for some Troma love. We are making magic together."

Everything I hear about this game makes me more and more excited to play it. And to think I didn't even know about it before PAX East! Twisted Pixel is one creative developer, and knowing that their indie sensibility extends all the way into films like Troma's oeuvre (although they'd probably never use that word to describe it) just makes them even cooler. Now, if only we could get a firm release date!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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