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Video: First Dead Island Trailer To Include In-Game Footage

You may remember the clamour surrounding the Dead Island "announcement trailer" released a few months ago which, regardless of whether it was artful or mawkish (or both), created a lot of buzz for a game that's been in low-noise development for years. Perhaps the soundest complaint about that trailer was that it was only "based on" the game and didn't actually feature in-game content. To rectify that issue before the release of the official trailer for the game (which should happen around this year's E3), Deep Silver has provided the teaser trailer above, which features content from the game. And it looks pretty damn sweet.

In case you weren't already caught up on the game, Dead Island promises to be an old-fashioned survival horror game built for this generation of consoles, with melee combat, a first-person perspective, character development, little ammo, and therefore a focus on using found items as zombie-killing weapons. For more, check out our recent galleries and GDC impressions.

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