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Watch Nintendo's E3 2011 Press Conference!


One of the most anticipated announcements at this year's E3 conference is what Nintendo's new console will be. But if you're not like me, and don't have a ticket to the press conference — or can't wait for me to Tweet about it or write an article afterwards summarizing everything — you're in luck, because you can watch it yourself!

Just visit at 9 am Pacific time on Tuesday, June 7, and Nintendo will be live streaming their press conference for all to see! Last year we got Miyamoto demonstrating Skyward Sword for us — and since that still hasn't come out yet, maybe we'll see it again! Immediately following the press conference, and throughout the week, a variety of videos, trailers and interviews will be featured on the site. And there will also be exclusive content on the Nintendo Channel if you want to fire up your Wii as well!

Of course, don't let all that stop you from swinging by for all of our first-hand reporting from the wonderful, beautiful chaos of light and sound that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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