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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Things are heating up in Narnia! Not that there's anything spectacularly interesting going on, but the weather's getting warmer. Sorry to mislead you there. That's not to say that nothing happened this week, though! Far from it! There's always fun to be had here!


Freya wanted to plan a party. It's time for a party, I suppose. But she wanted my help throwing it. I'm not so big on that. I like going to parties, but putting them together is kind of too much work. Of course, then she told me what her theme was going to be, and I was like, are you kidding me? I want no part of that nonsense.

Although bossa nova is pretty sweet...


I keep forgetting how far away the city is. The bus ride seems to take no time at all, but when I got there, it was raining, and I didn't have my umbrella because it was beautiful and sunny in Narnia. So I looked like an idiot walking around getting all wet!


While in the city, I saw that the Gracie Grace boutique had the Gracie furniture set out on display. I love it because it's so retro and fabulous. But the thing is, each piece costs like, 120,000 bells. That is some crazy expensive furniture right there. And I just can't justify it. It's like buying a pair of $200 jeans. I don't care how well they fit, it's not worth it. I made myself feel better by going home and looking at the pieces of the gold furniture I've collected from Nintendo so far. That's going to look amazing when I get 'em all... And it's free!


Yeah, I can't imagine that would work very well. I figure it's like that expression about frying eggs on the hood of your car when it's really, really excessively hot. Obviously that's not going to really work. But props to him for even trying to cook a potato in the ground!


And last, but most definitely not least, I got a new painting for the museum! I have most of them, so when I see ones in Redd's sketchy shop, they're usually repeats. So they're obviously fakes. Occasionally I'll see one I don't already have, but sometimes those turn out to be fakes, too. Luckily, this one was the genuine article! Looks a little bit like that famous painting by that famous artist, but it couldn't be, because he wouldn't call it "Flowery Painting." At least, I hope not!


Jaytee Starr said:


I honestly cannot believe you still play this game! I haven't been on GayGamer in months... Like 6+ due to lack of internet and then a dead laptop. So I finally get to log back on and I see you're still doing the update. I would be so bored of it by now... But, that said, I was bored with the Crossing games 2 hours into the first one I played. The ONLY game I've ever had longevity with is RuneScape(since 2004), and I take month breaks from that... I do always go back though, lol.

What about Wii Fit? Do you still keep up with it? I finally got one back in January since my boyf lets me keep the Wii at my place now. I've lost 20 lbs since then, and a total of 80 lbs in the last year. It still tells me I'm overweight and borderline obese, but BMI doesn't take my muscle into account. I love my dance games(Pump It Up!), and I have super calves, lol.

I hope you are well, and I'm glad to see you're still writing for GG!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Jaytee Starr on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: Wootini, I honestly cannot believe you still play this game! I haven't been on GayGamer in months... Like 6+ due...

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