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Activision Evolves The Virtual Pet


Allergic to real dogs? A Nintendog just not cutting it for you (even in 3D)? Well, Activision has revealed what they're calling "the next evolution of virtual pets" with the 2011 holiday release of Wappy Dog. No, seriously, that's what its called.

Developed by SEGA Toys, Wappy Dog is controlled by a Nintendo DS game, and you can either use your DS to interact with the toy dog, or just play the DS game without the dog, and when you next connect to the dog, it learns everything you taught it virtually.

They're promising more than 18 conversational prompts that elicit more than 350 evolving responses, and the DS game translates Wappy Dog's barking for you. Not sure how I feel about him sining, but we'll see. Wappy's cheek colors reflect his mood, so you'll want to keep them shining bright or else he'll get uncooperative. There are mini-games to play with Wappy and the opportunity to unlock more. You can name your dog and virtually feed, bathe and change his style as he grows from a puppy to an adult. The pitch of his barking will even change as he grows.

Not sure how the feeding and dressing-up will work, because the toy dog can really only move around a bit and make noise. It sounds like it's sort of a Nintendogs but with a little toy dog that reflects what you're doing in the game. But as a fan of weird virtual pet games (seriously, you don't know how hard it's been for me to resist buying Babysitting Mama!), depending on how the interaction with the toy turns out, I'm intrigued. But Wappy? Really?

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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