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Capcom Sneak Peek: Street Fighter X Tekken


When I was shown Street Fighter X Tekken at the Capcom event, I was informed that the game got its genesis when the producers of each respective series went out drinking and wanted to do a mash-up. Of course, it wasn't as easy as that, being that Street Fighter is Capcom's and Tekken belongs to Namco. However, a deal was struck, and now we can see Ryu facing off against Julia Chang. (I mention them because they were the characters shown in the demo — a final roster has yet to be decided upon.)

And while Street Fighter X Tekken has a typically Street Fighter-y look, there will be a more Tekken-looking game coming in another couple years when Namco releases their side of the battle, Tekken X Street Fighter. So I don't know what that'll look like, but this game looks quite lovely.

SFXT is a team fighter where you have two fighters who you can switch out to keep combos going and all that good stuff. The thing is, if one of your characters goes down, the match is over. It won't automatically swap them out for your other fighter. So you need to be a little more strategic in how you play them.

Although Tekken uses four buttons and Street Fighter, 6, fans of either series will feel right at home as they've kept the exact same control schemes for each one. So try not to get confused when you've got a character from each on your team and you forget to use those other two buttons! Naturally, the SF characters will have all their familiar combos, but the Tekken characters will also have their moves. Including the ability to dodge and move in the 3D space. I was also told that the controls were made a little more straightforward so everyone can enjoy it, but regular readers might be aware that fighting games are seriously not my genre, and I still struggled with the combos he was trying to teach me.

There are 16 characters at this point, with tons more to come as they prep the game for its early 2012 launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. They're going to pack in as many as they can! Also, while Cole from Infamous has been announced as an exclusive character for the PS3 and Vita versions, there's no word yet on a similar exclusive for the 360. I'm sure Microsoft would love that... Sony? Not so much!


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