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Capcom Sneak Peek: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Online Edition


As Capcom continues making new Street Fighter games, they haven't abandoned their past, and are prepping a re-release of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, which was considered the end of an era upon its release in 1999. The game has a lot of hardcore fans, and Capcom is going out of its way to turn this Xbox LIVE Arcade/PlayStation Network release into a humongous piece of fan service for them.

They've left the original gameplay alone, but added some training and trials modes to teach you the techniques, especially parrying, which was a big part of this game. This will help you to perfect your skills for when you jump into any of the new online modes. There will be tournament modes, fast rematch options, and even a spectator mode if you want to give your thumbs a rest. Oh, and if you've had a particularly awesome match, you'll be able to upload a video of it to YouTube!

The graphics look... well, they can look however you want. There are a variety of graphical filters that let you smooth things out or let it look as authentically pixellated as possible. But either way, the animation looks just as smooth as it ever did. You can even turn scan lines on and turn the edges of the screen into an arcade cabinet to relive the authentic arcade experience. In this view, you can see special Achievements along the side which, when unlocked, will earn you all kinds of fun extras like concept art, a full soundtrack, and other Street Fighter fan service.

So if you're a hardcore Street Fighter fan, keep an eye out for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Online Edition when it hits XBLA and PSN later this year for $15!


Shin Gallon said:

I'm going to play the living hell out of this once it hits. They've put a ton of work into it (Adam Tensta remixes of the Opening and Character Select music are of particular interest to me), from the challenges to the replay save/upload system to the refining the visuals. I'm going to buy this on XBL AND on PSN, just to support them. Plus if any game deserves a home on both of my consoles, it's the best home version of the best Street Fighter game ever made.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Shin Gallon on Capcom Sneak Peek: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Online Edition: I'm going to play the living hell out of this once it hits. They've put a ton of work into...

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