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Celebrate StreetPass Day!


I happen to be lucky enough to live in New York City, so I will occasionally StreetPass other 3DS owners simply by riding the subway to and from work. However, if you're not in an urban area, you may feel like you're missing out on one of the 3DS' coolest features. Some cities have already seen grassroots organizations banding together 3DS gamers for StreetPass events, but now Nintendo is stepping in themselves!

Nintendo has created a community called Meetup Everywhere that you can use to either organize your own Street Pass meetup or find out if there's already one scheduled in your area. And to commemorate the launch of this new community, Nintendo is encouraging 3DS users everywhere to celebrate Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Day on Saturday, June 25, by holding StreetPass events. (Although Nintendo would also like you to keep in mind that any such meetups are not endorsed or sponsored by Nintendo...)

So what are you waiting for? Get StreetPassing and have some fun! (And could somebody please walk past me with the final piece of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 puzzle that I need? Kthxbye!)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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