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Costs Of PSN Breach Will Not Affect Game Budgets


Despite a rather hefty $170 million hit, Sony has assured consumers that game development will not suffer in the wake of its PSN woes. Overall, the Playstation brand is doing quite well. Last month Sony's gaming division announced an impressive $435 million profit for the previous financial year, due in no small part to reduction in manufacturing costs for the PS3, as well as increased game sales for both the PS3 and PSP. From Destructoid:

Over the past year, 14.3 million PS3s were sold (up from 13 million), along with 8 million PSPs (down from 9.9 million). 6.4 million PS2s were shifted too, which is down from 7.3 million, but it's still impressive considering it's the bloody PS2. PS3 software sales jumped from 115.6 million to 147.9 million, while PSP game sales went from 44.4 million to 46.6 million.

Sony hopes that their issues are largely behind them, and that the company can now return to some semblance of normalcy. Speaking to (free account required to view article), Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said, "I'm hoping that profitability will allow us to just sustain our business at the operational level in much the same way as we would have done without any of this happening."

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Aside from the fact that $170 million is more money than my proletarian mind can possibly imagine, the whole of Sony is looking at a $3.2 billion loss through March of this year, partly a consequence of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. One also wonder how much of an impact the release of the Vita will have an impact on profitability. The PS3 famously lost Sony over $200 (at the time of launch) for every unit sold, and regardless of the long-term wisdom of matching the 3DS's price point, the Vita is a behemoth of a handheld for the money. While one can't imagine manufacturing will cause as much of a hit as the PS3, I'd be interested to see the figures. The PS2's remarkably longevity has definitely aided Sony's numbers, but it is on the decrease - a trend that will no doubt steadily continue. Whatever good things can be said about the PSP, it's no PS2 in terms of long-term appeal - the latter was, by all accounts, a definite highlight in gaming history - so I can't imagine that Sony will gleam too much benefit from soon-to-be last gen portable sales. While I'm still quite irate about the handling of the PSN situation (mainly the whole "wall of silence" thing that followed it), as a gamer, one who craves competition, I can't help but wish the company the best.

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